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Denzell Watkins C/O 2026 QB/CB/ATH

Denzell Watkins C/O 2026 QB/CB/ATH

All Around Special

Denzell Watkins C/O 2026 QB/CB/ATH

Many times you will run across a student athlete that’s pure talented across the board. That’s not always on the gridiron but off it as well, such as in the classroom and in the community. For Denzell Watkins, it’s everything and he’s an all around special kinda talent!

“My off-season so far has been a busy one! Filled with a successful winning season in baseball as well as working to better understand the game mentally and strategically. I am ready to showcase a better IQ on the field wether at DB understanding pass concepts better or at QB working and taking what the defense gives me as well as beginning to use my legs some more as using my legs helped open the pass game up in the GACA Allstar Game in Jekyll Island.” Says Watkins.

Watkins is putting his challenges to the test to improve in all possible areas on his game. This is what makes a special player.

Watkins tells us, “This season I expect myself to uphold a greater leader aspect of the team and to better hold everyone accountable but also help lead the team as far as we can go. Also, I am holding myself to a position of going out and setting the tone for this season. We are a young team and I believe we can build a good foundation for this year and next year as well.”

Leadership quality isn’t carried by just anyone but when you posses it, it’s certainly a gift from God!

“I just enjoy the overall aspect of being able to play free. Ive played this game my whole life and I have enjoyed the freeness that comes with the game and how much I get to let loose and have fun. Getting Interceptions and Throwing Touchdowns is fun too.” Says Watkins.

“Spring ball for us has just passed but I have a goal of just really becoming the full all round athlete I can be and becoming a more developed and versatile player throughout this season. As well as better understanding the concept of the game and helping my teammates to become the best they can be as well. Also, to just continue to lead by example on and off the field.”

Again, Watkins isn’t just a do it all guy on the field but he’s dominating the classroom as well.

“I’m also a 4.1 Dual Sport Student-Athlete!”

Anyway you cut it, Watkins is a special young man and is going to make a lot of noise this coming season not only as an athlete but a leader and a person. Colleges should take notice quickly!

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