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Iago Guimaraes C/O 2028 WR/ATH North Cobb

Iago Guimaraes C/O 2028 WR/ATH North Cobb

Competitive By Nature

Iago Guimaraes C/O 2028 WR/ATH North Cobb

For competitive athletes, like Guimaraes it’s hard to not be working on your craft all the time. Guimaraes off-season has been a grind and it’s ready to be let out under the Friday night lights.

“My off season consisted of consistent weight training and 7on7 action to get myself ready for my freshman season. This off season I played 7on7 with Money Team to help me improve my route running, defense reading abilities and overall taking my game to the next level. I am excited to show the coaches at North Cobb how much I have grown as a wide receiver this off season.” Says Guimaraes

High expectations are always a “thing” for competitive athletes, like Guimaraes and after all of the off-season work being put in those expectations are even higher, as they should be.

Guimaraes says, “This season I expect myself to contribute as much as I can on and off the field to help my team have a successful season. As for my team, I expect us to dominate any team we face this upcoming season. We have some great players at North Cobb and I think it is highly achievable for us.”

“I have always been a very competitive guy, and lining up against other competitive players is something I truly enjoy.”

This season is no different as far as a mindset standpoint for Guimaraes as he wants to “dominate” along with his team.

“My main goal this season is to dominate and get my name out there. As a teammate, I hope to be a leader on and off the field, so we can accomplish every goal we set as a team.” Guimaraes states.


“I recently moved here from California and have been playing 7on7 for money team 14u, 15u and 18u. I have dominated many 7on7 tournaments in the last couple of months. A couple of weekends ago I scored a total of 10 touchdowns between 7 games of 14u and 15u at Atlanta 7v7 tournament.”

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