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Trevez Rivers C/O 2028

Trevez Rivers C/O 2028

Grinding For Big Results 

Trevez Rivers C/O 2028 slot receiver Douglas County High School

Rivers has had a good off-season and expects to build on that before August rolls around.

“My off-season has been going good. I have been improving on my speed and hand-eye coordination while training” says Rivers.

Doing those “little things” is what really sets players apart from others who don’t do the “little things” and those will certainly show Friday nights.


“I expect growth from myself and ownership from the team this season and what I really enjoy most about football is the competitiveness” Rivers says.

Big goals lie ahead for rivers in his teammates at Douglas county. Coming off a magnificent previous season for the Tigers, this year expectations are even higher.

“My goal is to receive more than 3 offers and to be one of the best receivers in the county.  As a team my goal for us is to win the championship.”

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