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Quentavious Price C/O 2027 ATH Cedar Grove 

Quentavious Price C/O 2027 ATH Cedar Grove 

Playing At A High Level

Quentavious Price C/O 2027 ATH Cedar Grove

This 2024 season couldn’t come fast enough for Price as he’s put the work in so far this off-season. Though there is still an entire summer of work ahead, Price is eying the season.

“This year my offseason is going great so far and I have improved on my route running skills and been doing track and getting in the weight room whenever I can.” Says Price.

“This upcoming season is a season I want to prove to people and myself that I’m good enough to play at the highest level of football. In this upcoming season I expect that I can be a big X-factor to my team and play a big key role to my team.”

Expectations are no fun if you’re not enjoying the game. For Price, he tells us what he enjoys about the game which makes the expectations easier to obtain.

“What I enjoy about football is that how it brings people together and the legacy behind it and the culture. What I expect from myself is to be the best player on the field and off the field. And what I expect from the team is for us to come together as a family and have fun no matter what.” Says Price.

Price has the right mindset to go along with a great work ethic and game play. You can bet your ticket money for Friday nights that Price will be giving it all he has when those lights turn on.

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