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Jaren Joseph C/O 2027 WR Central Gwinnett

Jaren Joseph C/O 2027 WR Central Gwinnett

Always Time To Work

Jaren Joseph C/O 2027 WR Central Gwinnett

Working for the big outcome is always great but enjoying the journey and the hard work in the midst of reaching the goal is even better. For Karen Joseph it’s been a strong off-season for him as far as his grind goes.

“I feel like the off season been going good too me i stay consistent with training and getting better and this season i feel like i have something to prove not getting as much reps
on varsity as a freshman but starting coming into my sophomore season it is big opportunity for me.” Says Joseph.

Expectations are always expected and Joseph doesn’t shy away from them.

“I expect to have over 500 all purpose yard with 13 or more touchdowns on kick return and regular offense.”

“I expect my team to stay focus all
season and out play every team that we line up against. My goals of the season is to be ranked higher in my class and get more recruiters attention.” Joseph states.

It’s all laid out in front of Joseph and his team and with his work ethic, it should be obtainable.

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