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Growing On Top Of Early Success | 2027 | Braxen McMahan

Growing On Top Of Early Success | 2027 | Braxen McMahan

Braxen McMahan C/O 2027 

McMahan says, “I thought it was pretty good for my freshman season, I had some pretty good varsity reps and I had a few touchdowns, team wise it wasn’t the best and could definitely done better.”

Great student-athletes always feel as if they can do better even if they have done great in the classroom or on the athletic stage. For McMahan, he feels like he had a good season but he’s not satisfied by any means and wants to improve for this next season.

“Right now a group of teammates and myself are working on getting bigger and faster before the season, putting a lot of time working on our routes, catching and footwork etc.” says McMahan.

Building that bond and chemistry with teammates can only help you as an individual talent as well.

McMahan states, “A big goal of mine for next season is to definitely get some offers and out put a lot of stats for myself, and hopefully as a team win region.”

Big goals for McMahan and his team but if the work is put in, anything is possible!

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