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Adapt To The New Transition | Mickey Fernandez

Adapt To The New Transition | Mickey Fernandez

Mickey Fernandez C/O 2028 Armuchee

Many players across the state have ups and downs but that’s what makes one great right? Going thought certain learning curves, up and down. For Fernandez, he was able to adapt to new things, and he learned a lot through the ups and the downs.

Fernandez tells us, “This last season went well for me, I had some ups and downs, I had great plays and also bad plays, I had a Good defensive year as a strong safety and on offense I played QB, RB, WR, and HB.”

The off-season is where all of the work is done to prepare to put the best of what you have improved in on the field during the season.

“This past off-season went really well, we had a new head coach come in and we learned a new style of play as a team, we worked 4 days a week during the summer to get better, I hit the gym before every practice we had this summer. My opinion on how me and my teammates did as a team was good I don’t want to say great because we had ups and downs we started the season off strong beating Chattanooga then we had our 2nd game against a well coached team and we came out victorious, we played some really good teams after that and we were right there with them but we couldn’t pull it off.” Says Fernandez.

“Our plans for next season is to just become a better team than we were last year and win a state title. Some of my goals I have for my freshman year are, is I am trying to start varsity as a freshman, and one of my other goals I have is to become a better player and get D1 offers, my 3rd goal is to make Armuchee community proud and take my team to state.” Fernandez states.

“I’m up next! I want to thank my Lord and Savior! “ says Fernandez

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