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Excelling In More Ways Than One | 2029 | Landon Ghea

Excelling In More Ways Than One | 2029 | Landon Ghea

Landon Ghea C/O 2029 Milton


Majority of the time when an athlete wrestles and plays football, he’s usually a good “hard nosed” ball player. For Ghea, that’s exactly what he is and Ghea excels in both sports.


Ghea says, “. Last season went good. I played up as 7th grader to 8th grade to challenge myself. My off-season was good as well. I Went to many camps to see how I would do. Our team went to semi finals and we had much better season then year before.”


“I have to play 8th again.  I tried to play 9th as 8th grader but school told me it’s against county rules. I am working hard, training, getting stronger. Wrestling again and going for my 4th straight state championship.” Says Ghea.


For any athlete at any level to be going for their fourth straight state championship is a special athlete. Ghea hopes to allow this to continue in both wrestling and football.


“I’m nominated for B2C 7th grade lineman of year, defensive linemen of year and player of year as 7th grader. I have older brother committed to play for Auburn and I want to play in college. I have a 4.0 gpa and train 3 times a week for blocking.” Ghea says.


With the influence of his older brother and the work within Ghea proves to have, it’s only right to beleive that Ghea will have the same opportunities in both wrestling in football!


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