Tim Harvey is one of the best of the Lineman in the Country | Class 2027

Tim Harvey is one of the best of the Lineman in the Country | Class 2027

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Tim Harvey described his game in one word: fearless. The 6’2 left tackle for Edwards Middle School embraces the war in the trenches. “I like the nastieness of it,” Edwards said. “It gets very physical, and I’m a physical person. The physical part is the fun part.”

Harvey has quickly made waves as one of the most physical linemen in the class of 2027. He’s attended many high-profile camps over the past few years, including the camps of Alabama, Clemson and Georgia. He even got his first offer this year, receiving one from Morehouse College while at a camp. 

There’s more to playing offensive line than just hitting the player across from you. There’s nuance and technique, which Harvey prides himself in. “I try to train all the time,” Harvey said. “I trained with former NFL player Michael Moon Thompson. I love training, it’s all I want to do.” 

Coaches from across the country have taken notice to Harvey. He recalled a story from the time he attended Alabama’s football camp. “My technique was so good. I blew coach Wolf (Eric Wolford) away. He was so impressed,” Harvey said. “Bama is my dream school, so that really meant something to me.”

Harvey has high expectations for himself as he starts the next chapter of his football life. “I want to go into high school with at least 3 offers,” he said. “With the camp tours and with the help of my coaching staff, my teammates and of course B2C, I think it’s very possible right now.” Offensive linemen can sometimes fly under the radar, but with Harvey’s skill and fearlessness, he will be hard to miss.


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