B2C Prime 100 | Class 2026 (90-100)

B2C Prime 100 |  Class 2026 (90-100)

Every year the B2C Prime Rankings for the state of Georgia has some of the best talent in the country. This year is no different as the 2026 class in Georgia might be the best in the country. With past ranked players being in the NFL,  playing college football or now starring at their High School, the B2C Rankings have been proven to be one of the more trusted rankings in the country.

The B2C Rankings will start with #90- #100 and will continue until the #1 player is named.  Congrats to all who made it.

Past #1 ranked players have been
• Derrick Brown (Former HS Player of the Year, #7 Overall NFL Pick – Starting Defensive Tackle for Carolina Panthers)
• Davis Mills (Former #1 ranked QB in the Country in HS, Starting QB for Houston Texans)
• Trevor Lawrence ( Former #1 ranked HS Player in the Country, Starting QB for Jacksonville – #1 Overall NFL Draft Pick)
• Nolan Smith (Former #1 ranked HS Player in the Country, University of Georgia DE)
• Harrison Bailey (Former #1 ranked QB in GA in High School, Quarterback at UNLV)
• Malachi Singleton (Offers include UGA, Arkansas and Miami – Class 2023)
• Prentiss “Air” Noland (#2 Ranked QB in GA – Class 2024)
• Juan Gaston (#1 ranked OL in GA – Class 2025)

#90 – #100

Name Position
90 Jrue Keeling Running Back
91 Delancy Alexander Quarterback
92 Decari Farley Linebacker
93 Zion Miller Athlete
94 Josh Jones Running Back
95 Caleb Bizze Lineman
96 Charlie Delp Tight End
97 Eddie Alford Lineman
98 Chase Lewandowski Lineman
99 Dylan Biehl Lineman
100 Blake Stewart Defensive Back

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