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Adryan Cole | 6’2 with speed | Class 2027

Adryan Cole |  6’2 with speed | Class 2027

Adryan Cole | 6’2 with speed | Class 2027

Twitter: adryan_cole

Instagram: d1._aye

Adryan Cole is one of the top 8th grade football players in the country. A student athlete at Liberty Middle School in Covington, GA, Cole doesn’t shy away from putting the student label first. “I’m a student athlete, so I have to do well in the classroom,” said Cole. He enjoys the subject of math, and says that it benefits him on the field. “It helps me a lot. It helps me with the angles I gotta take, the cuts I gotta make,” Cole said.

Adryan Cole is the total package. Standing at 6’2 with blazing speed, Cole stars as both a running back and linebacker. “At my size, I’m faster than most kids,” Cole said. He credits a lot of his speed to the exercises he does with his legs. “I work out my legs a whole bunch,” he said.

Cole’s combination of size, speed and smarts have made him an elite prospect, and a star player on an elite team. Liberty Middle School is just wrapped up their season, they are now the back to back champions of the NewRock Middle School League.  Cole was in rare form on defense and offense as he was named B2C Player of the Game. 

With a few successful middle school seasons under his belt, Cole will face a new challenge next year: high school. Cole plans to attend and play for Newton High School in Covington, and he’s already begun to prepare. “Before the season started, I was working out with the high school team,” said Cole. “I could see what they were going through so I can prepare for the season when I get there.” With brains and brawn, Cole will certainly be ready for high school, both in the classroom and on the gridiron.

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