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Caelyin Menzie C/O 2027 ATH/RB

Caelyin Menzie C/O 2027 ATH/RB

Confidence Is Key To Success

Caelyin Menzie C/O 2027 ATH/RB

Off-season work is what all student-athletes are focusing on right now with many springs wrapping up and gearing up for the fall season around the corner. The off-season is very critical.

“Off-season has been going well! I have been getting more flexible and improving more on speed for this football season.” Says Menzie.

“I expect me to play an important role and contribute to this team and we have a amazing team a lot of us are young and got to get ready for this season.”

Menzie enjoys the game and he works hard in his off time to be the best he can be.

What I personally enjoy about playing the game of football is about who I do it for not for myself but for my team, for my family and for the glory of God. Really just knowing you can make something out of your self and benefit the ones you love.” Says Menzie.

Big goals for big time players are always a must and for Menzie it’s nothing but big goals for this season.

“Goal for me is to have around 1,500 rushing yards and I believe I will get that no matter who’s in my way of getting my goal! As for spring for more colleges to realize I’m a different species but as for team I want us to be by spring locked in and work together as a team no one can break.” Says Menzie.

“All I’m going to say is that no one can mess with me in the running back position I’m a different type of running back that has good speed but a lot run straight through my opponents.”

Menzie is a very confident guy with a lot of big things in front of him. Watch out for Menzie!



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