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Future Is Bright For Boden

Future Is Bright For Boden

During the 2022 season, Brett Boden was a 7th-grade student, and he played on his football team, which impressively reached the final four of the GMSAA. Reflecting on their performance, Boden expressed pride in his team’s determination to overcome challenges.

During the off-season, as he prepared for his 8th-grade year, Brett remained committed to improving his skills. His Wolves team engaged in summer lifting and conditioning sessions since early June. Brett’s dedication went beyond regular training; he also took the initiative to lift extra weights, engage in speed and jump training, and practice his football throws. Balancing this rigorous routine with baseball practice, Brett aimed to become a leader among his peers.

When asked about his plans for the upcoming season, Brett shared his intentions to lead his team, motivate his teammates, and perform at his very best. He emphasized the importance of staying focused, trusting both his teammates and coaches, and maintaining an unwavering never-give-up attitude on the field. Brett cherished the opportunity to play their home games at Barron Stadium and proudly cheered on the Wolves.

It is evident that the young quarterback and free safety possesses a wealth of knowledge and an exceptional work ethic, which could potentially lead to the realization of his goals on the field.

For updates and more insights, you can follow Brett Boden on Twitter: @BrettBoden2.



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