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Jake Godfree C/O 2027 North Gwinnett

Jake Godfree C/O 2027 North Gwinnett

Football Is More Than Just A Game

Jake Godfree C/O 2027 North Gwinnett

For many student-athletes they play the sport for different reasons but for Godfree, it’s more than just a game, it’s a lesson of life and how to teach boys to become men. All of the hard work Godfree has been putting in has been moments he can grow not only as a great athlete but a young man.

“My off-season grind has been absolutely amazing from working on things like technique, speed, strength, first step, reading the felid, explosiveness. I’ve been going to work every single day to get ready for this season. I’m really excited to show off how physical I am and being able to read the field, also my improvement of my first step explosion and being able to come down and lay a big hit. Also I’m going to be playing some on the offensive side of the ball and I can’t wait to show off my ball skills and route running.” Says Godfree.

“I expect great things from myself and my team and just leaving everything on the field and playing full speed every play and being a leader on and off the field. Are team is going to be really good this year and I expect a lot coming out of us, I think we have one of the hardest schedules in the state but I think we can beat every team that we play against if we play as a team and play to our standards and not lowering those based on who we are playing.”

The expectations great players like Godfree have for their teammates and even their coaches are usually very high because they have the bar set high for themselves. Godfree is a guy who works hard and expects everyone around him to be on that same level. It’s called demanding greatness.

Godfree says, “What I enjoy most about playing football is the life lessons it teaches you. It doesn’t just teach you to be a great football player, it teaches you how to become a man and how to love others and to work hard and be respectful. I also love the brotherhood and the family bond that Football creates and that your going to war with your brothers everyday and trusting in them, that I got there back and they have mine. I love the hard work you have to put into football and that there’s no shortcuts to being great and I think everyone has the ability to be great, but I think it’s all about your mentality. Football is a game that’s not just about how fast, strong, and smart you are but it’s about your mentality and i love that part about football.”

“My goals as an individual is first to be a great man on and off the field but on top of that I want to put my name on the map. Another one of my goals is to be the best me meaning that I’m going to come to work everyday trying to beat myself. I’m trying to improve myself everyday, from things like technique, speed, strength, first step, explosiveness and more. As a team our goal is to win a State Championship. with the talent that we have on our team right now i 100% believe that we are able to. Our goal also as a team is to stay consistent. staying consistent to what we said were going to do which is winning a state championship. Which means we’re going to have to come to work everyday and outwork anyone and not just for ourselves but for the team.”

It’s going to be very exciting to see what Godfree does with his leadership and his game play. You can now understand why Godfree holds many D1 offers.



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