Tinerious Stallings – Tinerious Looks to Make an Immediate Impact

Tinerious Stallings – Tinerious Looks to Make an Immediate Impact

Tinerious Stallings – Tinerious Looks to Make an Immediate Impact

For many wide receivers and defensive backs they look to stand out as soon as they hit the gridiron.

For Tinerious Stallings he had to wait his turn but hasn’t had to wait long. Stallings didn’t get to play as much as he would have liked last season. However, Stallings felt it was great being a part of a team who made it to the final 4. Stallings went on to say, “though it didn’t go as planned it was still fun playing with those guys,  but really the season was about learning and getting a lot of mental reps to prepare me for the upcoming season.”.

Stallings off-season has been nothing short of great as Stallings tells us his off-season has been awesome. “Getting work in with the team and keeping my body healthy, but especially seeing the game plan the coaches have set up for us I believe in the game plan and I believe that it will win us a lot of football games.” Says Stallings. “The offseason has been fun, but the season is around the corner and it’s time to take everything I’ve learned and put it all out on the field.”

Asking Stallings what the team plans are, he feels as if the plan is pretty straight forward and simple. “Our plans as a team is very simple and straightforward. We plan to win region, win state, and do it with an undefeated season. Made by coach Reid,  I feel if we take everything we have learned and trust in the game plan they have set up for us, I believe we have a pretty good shot at achieving those goals.” Says Stallings. This is a a plan that nobody should put past a John Reid lead team. It’s been proven before with a 15-0 season capped off with a state title for the second straight season back in 2016 and 2017. Nothing but success has been within the program since. Though they haven’t won a state title they plan to change that as soon as possible.

“My plans as an individual are to be better than I was yesterday and the day before. In order for me to be the player I know I can be I have to play through when times are tough and keep fighting when things get hard” says Stallings.

Stallings tells us they stick to what Coach Reid says pretty often around the program, “don’t let yesterdays mistakes effect today and the next day.”

It’ll be interesting to see the impact he makes early. You can expect big things from Tinerious Stallings in 2023.

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