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David Jacobs | Class 2027 | Is he the #1 LB in the Country?

David Jacobs | Class 2027 | Is he the #1 LB in the Country?

It’s never too early to talk about some of the top up and coming players in Georgia, and one of the very best young players across the state is big 2027 athlete, David Jacobs Jr.

A multi-sport star with excellent size at 6-foot-4 185-pounds, Jacobs Jr. is just 13 years old but already looks like a future D1 prospect early on. Playing out of Creekland Middle School and the Falcons United program, Jacobs Jr. is a promising linebacker and tight end prospect with natural athleticism. He’s also a standout basketball player for the East Cobb Blue Devils.

Already recognized as one of the best players in the state. David has won B2C Player of the Week and also won B2C Defensive Player of the Year for the state of Georgia. On the field he is an absolute nightmare. His speed from decision to ball is outstanding, basically meaning once DJ makes up his mind to attack he gets there lighting fast.  DJ is being compared to another elite athlete and that is Tyler Atkinson the freshman at Grayson High School who already has 17 offers including Georgia, Ohio State and Auburn

His father, David Jacobs, is a former Georgia Bulldog, so you know football runs through his veins. He loves the game, has a high football IQ for his age, and plays with a physical presence. He’s not afraid of contact and loves to compete and get better and better each time he hits the field. He’s a mature young player who leads by example, making it easy to see his potential at the next level.

Overall, his natural athleticism, size, multi-sport experience, and tough, physical nature make him one of the top 8th grade players in the state of Georgia. He may not be in high school just yet, but he’s a young prospect that many will know about sooner than later.

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